5 Rocking Vacations for Aviation Aficionados

You don’t even have to be an aviation buff to be passionate about planes and everything related to them. Most of us have flown somewhere and know what it feels like to be in the air. The experience like that makes many of us interested in planes and flying objects for the rest of our lives. Now imagine if you are crazy about planes to begin with – you might think and dream about planes and your life might start revolving around them.

Whichever type you are, here are 5 amazing vacation ideas that are connected to aviation and loved by many.

1. Plane spotting in Maho Beach, Saint Maarten

If you love planes, take a vacation in Saint Maarten and visit Maho Beach. The airport fence is right on the beach border, so you can come close to it and feel the jet air blast as the plane prepares to take off. It’s not the safest activity in the world, so stand back – it’s so strong that you will still feel it and hear it. Once you’re done with planes taking off, just relax on the sand and observe the landing planes. They will glide right above you giving a wonderful view of underbelly in all its glory. There is another similar airport in Skiathos, Greece, which is just a short flight from Athens.

2. Landing a plane at your favorite airport

If you have dreamed about experiencing the landing from inside the cockpit, you now can with iPilot. They are located in a few places in Germany, the UAE, Check Republic, the U.K, and a few other cities in Europe. You can choose where from and to you want to fly and become a pilot for a day for $89. The experience has more than 24,000 airports to choose from.
Rocking Vacations for Aviation Aficionados

3. Spend a night at an airplane hotel

Not many of us have a chance to fly overseas in the first class and stretch out comfortably, but all of us can stay at a hotel that is an actual aircraft. Many out-of-commission planes have been converted into fun and luxurious hotels. You can lounge in a Jumbo Jet in Stockholm, Sweden or spend a night on a 737 in the jungle in Costa Rica. There are many options for many different budgets out there.

4. Visit a plane graveyard

If you are traveling to the West, stop by for a day or two in Tucson, Arizona and visit planes from the past. Pima Air and Space Museum has hundreds of planes from back in a day. You will be able to visit helicopters from Vietnam War, a 787 prototype, different versions of Air Force One, and countless other aircraft big and small. This museum will allow you to touch the expositions while learning their history. For an additional $6 dollars you can take a tram tour of the graveyard if it’s hot out.

Right across the street there is another museum – Airplane Boneyard that houses over 4,000 decommissioned planes in Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. This graveyard is very big too, so you can tour it on a bus for $7 with a knowledgeable guide. The entrance fee is $15 and the tickets sell out fast.

5. The Pan Am experience

Do you ever look at those vintage photos of people in the planes and wish for a luxurious travel style to come back? Now you can experience it at Air Hollywood in California. This company provides Hollywood with realistic interiors of the past and hosts the Pan Am Dining Experience. You will be treated like royalty from the minute you check-in and board the 1970s era 747. You will receive boarding passes and Pan Am branded bag. The décor is original and stunning; you will really travel back in time. You will be eating from authentic china dinnerware and glasses to make your meal totally memorable. This experience might be priceless, but it will lighten your wallet by a few hundred dollars, so be ready. If you want your vintage Hollywood dream to come true, reserve tickets in advance as they tend to disappear fast.