7 Unbelievable Airplane Hotels

If a simple plane ride is not enough for you and your aviation love, you can spend a night or a few in some of these aviation-themed hotels around the world. You would be surprised how many choices are out there and how amazed you would be visiting some of them. The experience is definitely worth building your vacation around some of these magical places.

Hangar Hotel, Texas

You will find yourself in 1940s as soon as you step into this hangar that is now a hotel. It is full of plane memorabilia, so you can learn a lot about planes and indulge your sentiments of that time in history. The phone in your room will be from WWII, but besides the vintage spirit, your stay will be very comfortable and well-catered. You will be able to start your day by seeing many small planes on the runway right in front of your window. Even the nearby diner and conference hall are connected to aviation, so life clearly revolves around flying here.

Alexis Park Inn, Iowa

It looks like a usual hotel from the outside, but the inside is all about aviation. Each room is dedicated to a pilot, a significant event in aviation history, or element in flight, and the entire space educates you about it. When you are done exploring the area, you can relax with a book about aviation form the library. If you crave to feel what pilots feel, you can try a flight simulator located on the hotel grounds.

This hotel is among the least expensive in and around Iowa City, so your wallet will be happy too.
Alexis Park Inn

Woodlyn Park Plane Motel, New Zealand

This airplane hotel is one of a few unusual hotels in company’s collection – they also own a train motel, a ship motel, and a hobbit motel. If you like planes, you will definitely enjoy your stay at this gem. A real 1950s Bristol Freighter became a motel with two rooms ready for sleeping. The most surprising thing – you will only pay $150 per night for such a memorable and unusual experience.

Protea Hotel by Marriot O.R. Tambo Airport, South Africa

The hotel kind of looks like a hangar, but it will surprise you with amenities and beautiful grounds. The towels are folded in a shape of a puppy and will pleasantly greet you when you arrive, the bar stools are made from tires, there is a flight simulator, and finally, a sparkling pool is located right in the middle of an old runway. This hotel is fun, affordable, and located in the airport for plane spotting. What could be better?

727 Fuselage Home, Costa Rica

If you’ve seen it in the movies and ever wondered what it would feel like to survive a plane crash only to land in a tree, you can have your answer now. You will not be in any danger, but instead will spend some amazing time in a refurbished and made for sleeping Boeing 727, stuck in a tree. The view is fantastic and the air is fresh once you step out into a balcony. This tree hotel will bring you closer to monkeys and toucans of the jungle. You can call it the best tree house in the world.
Fuselage Home

Vliegtuigsuite Teuge, Netherlands

This hotel is extremely luxurious and houses only one family each time, so you don’t have to share the aircraft with anybody else. The extravagant furnishing and a romantic evening on the plane with a glass of champagne could be every aviation lover’s dream. You can have breakfast in bed, a hot tub, and sauna on the plane. You can steer the wheel and take a flight lesson while staying there. This hotel is very popular for honeymoon and it’s not hard to see why. They even have special honeymoon packages available.

Aviator Hotel, England

This hotel blends classic and modern perfectly and has something to offer for many different tastes. It is located close to an active airport, so you will see planes taking off and landing, but the soundproofing is so good that your night sleep won’t get disturbed. You will be treated to tasty food and will be able to explore cool aviation related décor. This hotel is hard to beat.

Whatever reasons behind your love for planes, stay in one of those hotels and your heart will fly high.