Why Should You Use a Private Charter Plane?

Current population is very familiar with commercial travel and almost everybody has had the experience of traveling in a big and crowded airliner, but only a fraction of people have used chartered private planes for executive travel. Flying on commercial jets might be very tiring due to busy airports and security regulations and procedures. If you and your travel companions choose to book a private plane, you will have a totally different, relaxed, luxurious traveling experience, whether you go on a business trip or on vacation.

A chartered aircraft will give you flexibility and convenience. You will choose where and when to fly. You can even choose a type of plane that best fits your requirements. You will also be the boss of the airport of departure and arrival. There are about 5,000 airports nationwide, so the choice is yours and it is wide. Commercial airlines service a significantly lower number of airports.


The only similarity between commercial and chartered flights is the time of actual air time, because the planes fly at similar speeds. The real advantage is in the convenience. When you book a private flight, you fly on your schedule, exactly where you want to fly to, and when you want it. You can even get catering and all kinds of other amenities. You don’t have to wait in lines, you drive right to your aircraft, and your luggage is never lost. You can choose to fly to small or big airports. You can get some work done on a quiet private flight or simply stretch out and relax. You will have plenty of space for everything in a roomy cabin and comfy seats. There will be no parking, walking, security lines, luggage carrying, waiting, flight delay, layovers or cancelled flights.


Professional air charter broker will find you flights and you will travel with passengers that you know or just your family, so there will be no unknowns. You will have your luggage handy and will be able to use your stuff during the flight. The pilots receive extensive training and flight hours are tracked by Aviation Research Group (ARGUS), so you can always find them out. Most companies strive to have pilots that receive gold or platinum rating from ARGUS.


This is an important consideration. The majority of the cost is based on the type of aircraft used and its operational expenses. The typical price for turboprop per hour is between $700 and $1,150. You will pay about $1,550-$5,200 per hour for a business jet. This cost reflects only the time when the aircraft is in service. You might also have wait time, overnight, positioning, and short-leg fees. Those are just rough estimates. To get the exact prices you should call individual companies or brokers and discuss your requirements with them.

Time of flight

A turboprop plane travels at about 280-320 mph, so it is perfect for 3-4 hour flights. This kind of planes is perfect for short landing strips, small airports, and heavy loads. Bigger business jets travel 460-550 mph and are great for short and long trips and every kind of airports.
Private Charter Plane

Where do the charter flights operate from

Most of private planes operate from the general part of the airport at the FBO (Fixed Base Operator), a vendor of services at an airport. Those services provide maintenance, fuel, car rental, flight track and instruction, aircraft sales, and customer services at the airport. Most FBOs are dedicated to service private plane industry and their customers. They offer a high level of service for VIP travelers, which is just one of the benefits of private air travel.

How many people can fit in the private chartered plane?

The number of people depend on the size and type of the aircraft and on your needs, but it can be anywhere between 1 and 150 passengers. You or your business has the last say in this. Air charter team will choose the proper aircraft based on your specific needs with the maximum comfort and safety in mind.


Most aircraft can carry 40-127 cubic feet of luggage. 40 cu. ft. means about 2-3 large suitcases and a few duffel bags per person. However, the number of people ultimately determines the exact number off luggage. Some aircraft have room to carry oversized items, like skis and large music instruments. The weight limit depends on the aircraft, so you will be offered the plane based on your requirements. It is very important to determine the number of people and their luggage needs in advance, so that the pilot can plan your trip accordingly.


Deadhead is a flight without passengers or cargo. Deadheads usually happen when the plane needs to be repositioned to pick up passengers. Charter service legs without people are called “empty legs”.

Turboprops and jets

A turboprop is an aircraft that is propelled by a highly efficient and powerful turbine engine powering the propeller instead of piston engine. The propeller moves the plane. This type of aircraft can have single or multiple engines, carry up to eight people, and is often used for short flights.

Turboprop and jet aircraft are very similar when it comes to power plant. Jet aircraft uses only engine produced thrust. Business jet charters are usually all jets and can carry up to a few hundred people. Thanks to their capabilities, you can experience exclusive chartered travel to any destination worldwide.