Everything About Flights

Many people find traveling by air really thrilling. And no wonder as it is fast and comfortable. This kind of transport offers great freedom of movement. You can fly to any country, any part of the world if you have enough money.

Traveling with toddlers can be a real challenge as kids don’t feel comfortable during the long road trips, but traveling in a plane is less stressful for them. Politicians, sportsmen, businessmen and other travelers would rather take a plane than travel by any means of ground transport.

However, there is something you should know about flights. Traveling by plane is not the easiest thing to do and it has many rules everyone should comply with. Who knows what happens during the flight? Our site devoted to flights and planes will tell you about this. The site creators work day and night to generate millions of useful articles about aviation aficionados, pilots, civil aviation, interesting facts about flights and much more.

The Career of a Pilot

Inspired by the heroic biography of the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery one can start dreaming about the career of a pilot. And this dream is quite feasible.

Many people may have dreamt about becoming a pilot. Flying a passenger, cargo, military or small private two-seater plane seemed to us a true delight in childhood. During the sleep boys may experience the feeling of "flying". But real life is far from the ideal we visualize as kids. It is not easy to become an airline pilot. This career is considered one of the most technically complicated as the pilot must keep an eye on a number of measuring devices and based on their readings make decisions, as well as coordinate his actions with the second pilot, air traffic control personnel and pilots of other aircraft flying nearby.
Everything About Flights

Where to Get the Appropriate Certifications

Military and civil aviation pilots are trained at Flight Schools and Facilities located in many U.S. states. The cost of training in the U.S. is about 30-35 % lower than that in Europe and Asia so a number of American flight schools have designed training programs for foreign students as well and many pilots from Europe and Asia come to the USA to train. Flight simulators used for training pilots are 99% similar to real planes. Pilots are trained how to react in all possible challenging situations and by the time the trainee gets on board of the aircraft as a second pilot he is able to fly to the destination and land the plane even half-asleep.

Sky Romance

The job of a pilot is well-paid and it is its great advantage. In addition, during the flight the pilots get business class food that includes red caviar, seafood or meat delicacies. Pilots serving international destinations are able to visit every corner of the world and explore it both from the flight altitude and as a tourist.

Air Tourism

Air travel makes it possible to spend the weekend in the other part of the world and be on the workplace on Monday. So many couples may escape to the ocean coast or some paradise island for a romantic getaway. Tourists who love different attractions have a chance to visit some of the most interesting and unusual museums in the country and the whole world.


As a rule, the cost of the flights constitutes the bulk of vacation expenses. At the same time the prices of airline tickets tend to increase each year and it seems impossible to save on air travel without sacrificing the quality and comfort of the service provided. We can often hear that some people travel by air at the fantastic low prices. And this is not a fairy tale but a reality due to budget airlines that offer cheap airline tickets.

What Is a Budget Airline?

Budget airlines are able to decrease the cost of the airline tickets by not providing some of the services. To lower the cost of the airfare budget airlines offer flights with the minimum service on board.

To get the best service possible consider traveling by a private charter planе. Every year more and more people rely on the services of business aviation. Of course, even the most comfortable trip by plane with top notch service may get spoilt by aerophobia.

How to Choose the Right Airline?

Before you start choosing the airline for your next trip you should decide whether you prefer a major national or budget airline. They differ not only in price of tickets they offer but also in services available on board: the condition of the aircraft (how new and clean it is), customer service, quality and diversity of food served during the flight, movies, etc. In most cases when choosing the airline we rely on the traveler reviews and this is right.

Many travel agencies post on their websites the list of the most popular and reliable airline companies, such as United Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Lufthansa, Emirates Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Dragon Air, Aeroflot and more. Traveling with these airlines is always safe. Is it sometimes better to pay more than feel discomfort?

The plane still remains the fastest means of transport that allows the traveler to reach any geographical location within hours. Most people opt for air travel. If you love traveling with high speed and great comfort traveling by plane is just for you. Choose this method of traveling without fear and enjoy your trip!

Just make sure you follow our advice!